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It's gettin YEASTY up in here.

Posted by on in Food

We just watched the Netflix series "Cooked" - episode 3 was all about cooking with air and how bread is made. We have since started our sourdough starter and can't wait to make bread! This also lead to us making our own pizza dough - see the blog post about pizza on the grill. 

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Pizza Pizza!

Posted by on in Food

We made pizza on the grill with our new Kettle Pizza - a device that fits onto the Weber grill. 

(Bobby will post more about this soon!)

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Posted by on in Life

It's official! We are homeowners!!


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Pack it up or Toss it out

Posted by on in Life

So I remember my college days at the University of Illinois fondly, and how many times I moved in and out of the dorms and apartments. Home for the summers, and back to college, each time exciting, and each time packing the mini-van and making one trip. 

I had less STUFF back then.


Week #1 Complete!

Posted by on in Life

medalToday was a big milestone for us. We completed a full uninterrupted 7 days of our new early morning workout! It hasn't been easy, but so far it has been very rewarding.

For the uninformed, we're basically working to establish a habit of getting up earlier, 5am to be exact, and completing a 32 minute workout alternating between our elliptical machine and strength exercises.


The Making of Bunco Calc

Posted by on in Tech

bunco calc screenshotI'm very excited to announce that my first ever iPhone & iPad app is now available in the App Store for FREE! Bunco Calc is an incredibly simple iOS app and was a project I started and finished completely in the month of November.

Ever since I first got the iPhone, I've wanted to make apps for it. It's been almost 3 years since I signed our company up for the Apple iOS Developer Program and since that time I have read (or at least started reading) various books and courses on the subject. I originally never had an idea I thought was both useful as well as easy enough I felt I could tackle for my first project.

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    This is so exciting! I love to play Bunco, once a month. Guess I'll have to switch from my android to Nick's iphone! He's cer

One week left!!

Posted by on in Wedding

One week to go!! I am so excited to see everyone and to get the party started!

Everything is all getting done!! We're in the home stretch!


Fresh Baked Deliciousness!

Posted by on in Food

b2ap3_thumbnail_rye_bread1.jpgIt might sound pretty crazy, but Andi and I were pretty upset when Hostess went under, and not for the reason you might think. Sure, we like a DingDong as much anyone, but what we really liked was their Beefsteak Rye Bread. We didn't even know Hostess made it until we could no longer find it on store shelves!

We recently started to see it appear again in grocery stores, but for a long while we had quite the drought of delicious rye bread for sandwiches.


Two Weeks Left!

Posted by on in Wedding

Bobby proposed in February of 2012. A year and a half to plan a wedding sounds like plenty of time, right? Well, here we are, two weeks left, and still so much to do! Final dress fitting, programs, seating chart, place cards, and all those little errands and details that need to happen before the big day. 

Not to mention all the ideas I pinned on Pinterest. For all those who wished they had Pinterest when they were getting married, be glad you didn’t. That wedding category filled with everything wedding down to the smallest detail was not only overwhelming, but it sucked up a lot of time. I pinned and pinned. I soon realized most of the ideas were not only unrealistic, but made me feel like our wedding wouldn’t be complete without those things. I chose a few ideas and finally had to cut myself off – realizing that I was not getting any of these special unnecessary projects done, but also getting behind on the things that had to be done, like the wedding invitations.


The "Hello World" Blog Post

Posted by on in Life is now officially live! This is the personal web site of Bob Butterworth and Andi Janka, a "soon-to-be-married" couple living in Naperville, Illinois. This website will be the home of a few of our favorite things, recipes we try, and fun things we go do. We both work in technology, and I've wanted to setup a web site for us for a long time. 

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